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Wireless Water Flood Alert
Product Name:

Wireless Water Flood Alert

Product Code: Model 763

*  Detect temperature from normal down to 13/5 (55/41)or from normalrise to 35°C(95°F) will active 45  seconds alarm
*  13/5 (55/41)Cold temperature select switch )mid temperature:13(55) to be used in environment for elderly and ill people;freezing warning 5 (41) for pipe freezing protection
*  Built-in  35°C(95°F) high temperature warming for the elderly, pets and to protect the home
*  External temperature detector
*  Buit-in 90dB alarm
*  ALARM ON /OFF switch
*  POWER ON /OFF switch
*  TEST Button
*  Battery low indicator LED
*  3AAA size batteries operation (not include)
*  Detect temperature accuracy: ≤ +/- 1°C
*  Temperature detect sampling rate:once a minute
*  Battery life: 1year

Wireless Water Overflow Sensor With Alarm
Product Name:

Wireless Water Overflow Sensor With Alarm

Product Code: Model 766C

* Detect water overflow activates alarm
* Built in 100dB high output alarm

* Alarm/Melody switch
* LR44 x 3 pcs button cell batteries operation ( included)

* 2 meters connection sensor wire

* Installs with double-sided tape (included)  
* Low power consumption - - - long battery life
* Battery low indication 

Water Overflow Alarm
Product Name:

Water Overflow Alarm

Product Code: Model 760

*  Water overflow activates alarm
*  Built-in 105 dB high output alarm
*  Alarm/off/music option switch
*  9V battery operation (not included)
*  2 meters connection sensor wire

*  Battery low sound indication

Wireless Water Flood Alert
Product Name:

Wireless Water Flood Alert

Product Code: Model 665

Detect Water Overflow Activate Built-in Alarm and Receiver Alarm & Flash Light Wireless Water Overflow Sensor:
*  Detect water overflow output wireless radio signal and activates alarm
*  Alarm On/Off switch
*  Transmiter 9V battery operation (not included )
*  Low power consumption - - - long battery life
*  Battery low indicator LED
*  Wireless RF transmission up to 40 meters
*  Power ON/OFF switch
*  6 sounds for optional and easily distinguish trigger sensor
*  Receiver 3 "C" size batteries operation (not included ) with DC jack
*  Compatible multi-sensor

Auto dialer with Temperature Detector Sensor
Product Name:

Auto dialer with Temperature Detector Sensor

Product Code: MOEDL 763TD55

*Detect tempreature from normal down to 13℃/5℃ (55℉/41℉)or from normal rise to 35℃(95℉)will     
 send wireless trigger signal auto dialer and activate alarm.                                                 
 *3 AAA size batteries operation (not included) for temperature detector sensor                      
 *Detect temperature accuracy:  +/- 1℃                                                                      
 *RF transmit range about 40~60 meters                                                                   
 *16 digit large number display with date/time and function icon                                           
 *9 zone icon for easy differentiating intruder location                                              
 *Room monitor by telephone function                                                           
 *Remote turn system to ARM or DISARM by telephone function                                                  
 *Programmable security code,entry delay timing,dialing cycle                                   
 *5 emergency telephone numbers (up to 32 digits each)                                  
 *DTMF(Tone) dialing only                                                                    
 *Auto dialer unit built-in 105dB alarm (with programmable alarm on/off)                         
 *AC adaptor operated (included) with 9V battery back-up (not included)                                
 *Auto dialer unit compatible with additional up to 16wireless motion detector sensor or wireless    
  window/door sensor and 8 wireless remote control or wireless control AC socket or wired sensor to   
  expanding the system

Pressure Mat Alarm
Product Name:

Pressure Mat Alarm

Product Code: Model 431A

*  Step On The Hiden Pressure
*  Built-in 105dB high output alarm
*  Mat To Trigger The Alarm
*  Compact Alarm Unit For Easy Installation
*  30 Feet Connection Wire Included
*  9V battery operation(not included)
*  Model 431A: 56X36cm(for under blanket application)

Power Failure Alarm
Product Name:

Power Failure Alarm

Product Code: Model 762

*  Power Failure Activates Instant Alarm 
*  Built-in 105dB High Output Alarm
*  AC Adaptor (Included) and 3 AAA size Batteries (not Included) Operation
*  Battery Low indication
*  Flashlight function with on/off switch.

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